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Monday, March 23, 2009

Material Things

I had the opportunity to go to lunch today with a friend/work colleague. He is not a member of the church, but it was nice to really be able to sit and enjoy this conversation with him. You may be thinking to yourself now. Work. Scott. Wow this must have been a boring lunch, but the subject that we were talking about that has really hit home lately.

Material things.

Both myself and my friend do well and we are both sole providers for our families. With the economy being the way it is and both him and I work in the construction industry we really never no how long our jobs may last. And no matter how much you want to prepare for that rainy day, you're never really prepared.

Never the less at the end of the day as my friend George said "at least we will have our families." And oh is that so so true. Take away my house, my cars, my TV, and what really matters to me is what I enjoy coming home to every day. My beautiful loving wife and two great daughters.

Well we aren't the best blogger's, but we sure love each other.