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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Someone (I'm not going to name names) got into my 'hair wax' yesterday. Check out the chunks!

Happy Birthday To Cole!

Happy Birthday Nicole! We love you and miss you so much.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It Just Comes Natural!

Annie is above the 'curve' when it comes to sarcasm (she must get that from her mom)!! I wish I could remember half the things she says but I'll do my best to try to capture her personality.

-We were driving on the freeway, past the dairy, and of course you can smell the cows and Annie goes, Dad, do you have gas?

-Yesterday I asked her to go play in the backyard, she stops, looks at me, and says, let me think about it, ummmmmm, no!

-Annie kept saying, Dad, Dad. Scott answers her with a 'yes', she says, 'No, you are supposed to say, 'Yes ma'am'!

-Last night, Scott said, 'Why is dad such a dummy?' Annie said, 'You thus are!'

-I asked her to pick up her toys, she said, Mom, I can't, I've had a hard day at work!

-If she's into something that she's not supposed to be in, I'll say, Annie, what are you doing? She responds with, Mom, don't worry about it.

-She kept asking me a ton of questions one day and I was getting annoyed so I kept telling her, 'stop asking'. We got home from running places and she was in to something and wouldn't answer me. Finally she answered with, 'mom, stop asking'.

-When something is cool to her, she'll say, 'Shut Up, are you kidding me'!

-My mom asked her about finding fireworks at Target when we were in Utah over the summer and Annie said, 'we couldn't find any, damn it!'

-Scott is known as 'Old Man'. Often times we are 'ditching our old man'. Other nicknames she's given us are: Old Women, Pork Chop, Nacho...

-The other day Emma was throwing a fit and wouldn't stop crying, Annie comes to me and says, Mom, she is driving me nuts!

-She often times has conversations on her play phone with people. The other day she 'talked' to Michael Jackson, Lucy (her cousin), and all of Scott's teammates from his Adventure Race team (Donny, Brent, Mike, Sterling, Jon). The conversation consisted of; 'Hey, Mitool Jackson, give me a call back, I have a question for you.'

-When we go to any place with a drive-thru and we are asked if they can take our order, she'll yell, Yeah, I want chicken nuggets, french fries, a Dr. Pepper and a toy!

-After taking the spinning class at the gym last week, I was drenched in sweat. Annie says, Mom, you reek!

-She's also got her own language for things which I now just know what she's talking about. For example:
Jindle Bell Jims = Jungle Jims Playland
Warm Up = Wal-Mart
Target = Target (that was one of her first words!!!)
Tiggle = Tigger
Merman = Mermaid
Q Stick = Q Tip
Dip It = BBQ Sauce from McDonalds
Zoe Dog = Zoe (her cousin's name)
Thanks To Giving = Thanksgiving
Einer = Ernie
Opal'em = Open Them
Crunchy Noodles = Roman Noodles
Pizzie = Pizza
Thus = Just
Puter = Computer

We've got a firecracker on our hands. I'm sure there are lots more. I'll try to keep the list updated!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Annie Ba-nannie

Emma Jean

Here is a collection of pictures of Emma. My mom called her Emma Jean one day and ever since then, she's been known as Emma Jean!

(The pictures with Emma and I together... Annie took them!!)